Just two kids, trying to figure the world out together.

When I was looking for a horse last year, I first thought I wanted what almost every rider seeking a horse wants — an already well trained, ‘made’ horse that was going to take me to the levels I wanted to be at in the jumper world. I tried many of those in the process, all of which didn’t work out. I was getting discouraged, on the edge of giving up on finding that ‘perfect’ mount after awhile, at least until I stumbled upon a free online ad.
Giovanni Angelo, the name made me laugh at first, but it was one I obsessed over for awhile, talking my parents into making the call. The reason they were hesitant being.. he was exactly what I thought I hadn’t wanted, a green, three year old just off the track gelding.

But I couldn’t see anything else except that handsome face, big ears and teddy bear eyes that looked back at me from the pictures of that ad. I didn’t know that that handsome face had been through so much in his three years when I bought him. After a minor injury that rendered him useless after his first win on the track, he ended up in the hands of someone who didn’t feed him, didn’t look after him, and let a horse with so much potential start to go to waste.

The horse that was rescued ended up rescuing me. I found a partner in an unlikely place, and together we’ve become a team that’s attached at the hip. He’s not exactly a ‘champion’ yet, but after coming home with two firsts and two seconds at his first show, I’m confident he will be. I look at us as just two kids, trying to figure the world out together.

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