Out of “Luck,” horse finds a new home

Bohemian’s first job as a racehorse didn’t workout too well. He never “broke his maiden” and aged out of the racing industry with less than 10 starts. His second job as an actor (portraying a racehorse) for the HBO tv series “Luck” didn’t pan out either. The show was cancelled after the first season. But HBO did right by their equine actors, and re-homed them through reputable adoption groups rather than sell them back into the racing industry.

My trainer went to check out some of the “Luck” horses at the Thoroughbred Rehab Center , and came home declaring “Sarah – you must adopt one of these horses.” She and the rehab director even had one picked out for me. I adopted Bohemian without spending even one minute “shopping” for a horse. In fact, I signed my name on the dotted line only 10 minutes after meeting him (in a box stall), and the first time I saw him out of a stall was as he was walking towards the trailer. Was I crazy?! Who gets a horse without test riding or at least trotting out first?

But somehow it was meant to be. Bohemian is now learning his third job: 3-day eventing. And so far, it is going great! He loves to jump and is the fastest learning horse I’ve ever met. But meanwhile, he has indicated that his true calling is that of cuddlebug extraordinaire! He whinnies hello, loves to hug, and put out his nose for kisses. He’s now a member of my family, and I’m very blessed to have such a fun and handsome horse. And no matter how far we get doing eventing together, he is my snuggly champion.

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