Pre-Order The Perfect Horse and Win a Lipizzaner Gift Bag!

IMG_1727Dear Readers,

It’s so hard for me to believe that after five years of work, my new book The Perfect Horse is just eleven days from publication.  The Perfect Horse will be my seventh published book, and it has taken the longest time to write.

Writing a story set during World War II, featuring men who served valiantly in the Armed Forces, takes a special kind of commitment.  I was determined to leave no stone unturned, and to tell the story as accurately as possible.

Now, as I’m getting ready to send it out into the world, I can’t wait to share this amazing story of valor, derring-do, and horses.
ThePerfectHorse_QuoteCard_2[1]I am extremely grateful for the support of each and every person who reads my books, who talks about them, reviews them, and shares them with their friends.  This early support is crucial to getting the word out and the passionate lovers of horse stories are the main reason that big publishers will still take a chance on inspiring horse stories.

As a thank you gift to anyone who pre-orders, you can have a chance to win a Lipizzaner-themed Gift Bag– it includes books by Alois Podhajsky and Marguerite Henry, an audio edition of The Perfect Horse (to share with your non-reading friends) and an assortment of Lipizzaner themed items straight from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

If you pre-order (or already have) please send a copy of your receipt to and you’ll be automatically entered to win.

Warmly,  Elizabeth Letts

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13 Responses

    • Snowman: The Eighty-Dollar Champion

      No worries. I’ll add you to the contest. Just shoot me an email with pre-order contest in the subject line and I’ll add you to the contest. Thank you for pre-ordering!

  1. Barbara Arms

    I saw Snowman at Devon when I was a child and never forgot him……I ve been to that same New Holland auction place…..your book…the memories flood my thoughts. Am so eager to read this book….I have a vague picture in my head of Lippazaner horses that I ve inssisted I saw at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show …I believe I was taken to when war was over….1948-9. Some relatives say I dreamed it. This was when life was at its most beautiful for me.

    • Snowman: The Eighty-Dollar Champion

      Hi Barbara, I’m so happy to say that you most crrtainly did not dream it! The Lipizzaner did perform at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in 1950. It was part of their first trip to North America. I’ll see if I can post a picture on my blog of the Lipizzaner arriving in North America.
      Thanks so much for your comment! Elizabeth Letts

  2. Becki Buchroeder

    I will preorder through Amazon now! I’m so glad someone researched the whole story of this unbelievable rescue! This is my favorite story.

  3. Donna Sturgeon

    I have pre-ordered my copy of the Perfect Horse no final receipt yet Ordered from Amazon I will send copy of pre-order to the email really looking forward to it Lived Snowman: The Eighty-Dollar Champion

  4. Carol Butters Bielenberg

    I just preordered as well with Amazon. I look forward to this read very much. If you trust me I would like to have a chance at the prize.

  5. sheila plog

    Pre-ordered book from Amazon.Sent copy of order number.Please enter me in your contest.I will enjoy the book about Snowman.

  6. Sara Fogan

    Dear Ms. Letts,

    I can’t wait to read The Perfect Horse! I have just pre-ordered a copy and e-mailed a copy of the receipt. Have a great night!

  7. Mark Stewart

    A family member just phoned to tell me of your book! I will certainly purchase a copy. I have fond memories of Captain Tom Stewart who was my uncle. I remember the basic story from family gatherings although he rarely spoke of it. I look forward to a great read about a little known story of great secrecy and danger. The world will now know the full story of this daring rescue!

    • Snowman: The Eighty-Dollar Champion

      How nice to hear from you! Your uncle seemed to be a very modest man, but he takes a star turn in the book!

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