Fun True Facts Behind The Wizard of Oz

1. The beloved 1939 production was not the first movie about Oz. Frank Baum made several early attempts to film his beloved story.

2. The “horse of a different color” was actually more than one horse. They used powdered jello to create the colors and the most difficult part of filming the scene was that the horses wanted to lick the Jell-O off their coats.

3. Judy Garland’s closest relationship on the set was with Margaret Hamilton—in real life, the Wicked Witch was kind and got along well with children.

4. In the famous scene when the house is sucked up into the vortex of the tornado, the set designers made a miniature scale model of the house and filmed it falling—and then reversed it.

5. The song, Over the Rainbow, was almost cut from the film, and part of it, the reprise, originally sung during a scene in the witch’s castle was actually cut. No film of that scene has ever been found, but you can listen to an audio recording here. (warning: hard to listen to.)

6. Roy Bolger was originally cast as the Tin Man, but he begged to be given the role of the Scarecrow. As a young man, he had idolized a vaudevillian named Fred Stone who played the Scarecrow in the Broadway show written by Frank Baum.

7. The witches in The Wizard of Oz were not just a coincidence. Frank Baum’s mother-in-law wrote a book called Women, Church and State, in which she described at length the history of women being accused of witchcraft.

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2 Responses

  1. Ron Baker

    Item # 6:
    Is the name “Roy” Bolger a typo or did he also go by Roy at one time? I have only seen his name listed as “Ray” Bolger. Will be ordering for Grand kids.

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