Girl Power and The Wizard of Oz

Dah dun-dah dun-dah da dun… Can you hear the music in your head? I sure can. The dognapping Miss Gulch (who turns up in Oz as the Wicked Witch) still strikes terror in my heart! And so I have always loved Dorothy, because she is brave! As brave as I aspire to be. One of the most frequent questions I am asked about Finding Dorothy is why I chose to write the book from the point of view of L. Frank Baum’s wife, Maud. The short answer– because Maud was brave. I answer that question more fully for today’s Wizard of Oz Wednesday.

Me around the age when I first saw The Wizard of Oz

In childish requirements sex is not clearly defined. There is little excuse for giving namby-pamby books to girls. The girls as easily demand and absorb the marvelous as their brothers; aye, and need it as much.

– L. Frank Baum What Children Want 1902 quoted from Baum’s Road to Oz edited by Nancy Tystad Koupal

Talking about Girl Power on #WizardofOz Wednesday!

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