Cheryl and Fiyero

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Make a wish. Make it come true. You might say that is Cheryl Kelly’s motto. She grew up riding horses and working around a stable near her home in suburban Maryland. From then on, Cheryl had a dream. She wanted … Continued

Shar and Romo

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Sometimes you meet a person who has more than the average spark of life. That’s how I feel about Shar. For years, I’ve belonged to an awesome community of writers called Backspace. Backspace came about when a couple of generous writers … Continued

The Eighty-Dollar Champion

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It all started with a single glance across a snowy field. February, 1958, a poor riding teacher who had given up his dream to ride in the Dutch Olympics and a broken down plow horse already loaded on to a … Continued

Elizabeth Letts…

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… grew up in California. As a child, she loved books and horses, and dreamed of growing up to write books about horses like her idol Marguerite Henry. In her teens, she was a competitive equestrian three-day eventer. She attended … Continued

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