A Rescued Thoroughbred Makes a Girl’s Dream Come True

I was always the horse crazy little girl that dreamed of one day having a horse of her own. I saved money in a “horse” jar and constantly nagged at my parents to buy me a horse. As I grew older, I came to the realization that I would not be getting one until I was on my own. But, one day, Christmas 2008 to be exact, changed my entire life. Hugo, also known as Gray Premier, a thoroughbred from Iowa, became mine. Every girl’s dream of a horse for Christmas, I was living.

At the beginning of December, Hugo was bought from a local auction. Shaggy and in need of some major TLC, he had been purchased because of his ears that “flopped” and his excellent gaits.

A few weeks passed, and my mom and I drove to the barn to give Hugo a Christmas treat. I thought it was odd that she went into his stall to put a bow on him while I wrestled with his stocking to retrieve a cookie. “Did you tell her?” my dad asked as I looked up confused. “Tell me what?” I pestered. “He’s yours!” my parents said in unison. I was so shocked I didn’t know whether to cry or jump up and down (I actually did both). Finally, my own horse.

Today, almost four and a half years later, Hugo and I have learned so much from each other and have reached many milestones. I am now in college and Hugo will soon be 13. We have had many ups and downs, and have finally become a team that in my mind is unbeatable. As the jump height continues to rise, his incredible stamina and easy-going personality just enhance the fact that he truly is an amazing animal.

I will always be grateful to the person who put that shaggy thoroughbred on the truck bound for Massachusetts. Just know, whoever you are, that you made this horse crazy girl, one of the luckiest.

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